Why Do We Need Pet Registries?

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Why do we need pet registries?

Why Do We Need Pet Registries?

If you've had both mixed breed and purebred dogs, you know that dogs that are registered through pet registries are not always better pets. Many mixed breed dogs make wonderful companions, as do purebred dogs that aren't registered. So, exactly why are pet registries important?

  • Registries are a way to keep track of bloodlines for different breeds. In addition, they help people who are buying puppies be sure they are actually getting a purebred puppy from their breed. Some registries require the puppy to mature and get a health exam from a licensed veterinarian before it is registered, which will eventually help the different breeds to become healthier. Others require a stud dog to get DNA testing when he fathers more than a few litters in an attempt to keep the breed genetically diverse.
  • Specialty clubs are often created for different dog breeds under a registry's umbrella, which helps promote the breed and encourages breeders to strive to improve their breeds' bloodlines as they attempt to make puppies that are as close to the standard as possible. The clubs also are instrumental in helping breeds overcome severe genetic issues, as they pool research and encourage breeders to screen their dogs.



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