Limited Registration by Dog Registries

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What does it mean when dog registries offer limited registration?

Limited Registration by Dog Registries

As you search for puppies, especially AKC registered litters, you may notice that the breeders are offering limited registration. What exactly does that mean? Do only the first two puppies get to be registered? Perhaps you can only get your puppy registered during a certain time period.

Actually, limited registration is a way of registering dogs so that the new owners know they are purebred animals and can get an official registration paper, but cannot register any puppies the dogs would have. There are several reasons breeders tend to do this:

  • Breeders who show dogs will often have a few that don't meet the breed standard. They are healthy, sweet companions, but they have white spots, a kink in their tails, a bad bite, or another flaw in their appearance that keeps them from being show quality. They don't want these dogs that aren't up to the standard to be bred, which would cause the flaws to be put back into the breed's gene pool.
  • Sometimes a breeder just doesn't want someone else to benefit from his or her hard work. It can take 15 to 20 years and a lot of money to create a top quality bloodline that consistently does well in the show ring. These breeders feel that someone who buys puppies from their lines, breeds them and ends up with fantastic dogs all within the space of a year or two are getting an unfair advantage.



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