Buying Puppies That Are Not Registered With an American Puppy Registry

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Is it okay to buy puppies that aren't registered with an American puppy registry?

Buying Puppies That Are Not Registered With an American Puppy Registry

You've found your dream puppy. The whole family is excited, but you just realized the breeder didn't mention anything about the puppy being registered with an American puppy registry. Now, you are wondering if you should really still buy the puppy. After all, when puppies aren't registered, they are inferior, right?

Actually, there are several reasons why a puppy isn't registered and most of them have nothing to do with the quality of the puppy. The best thing to do is to talk to the breeder about this issue.

Some breeders feel that registering puppies encourages new owners to breed them. Usually, they didn't mean to breed their dogs and feel a bit guilty about the litter they accidentally had. The parents are beautiful dogs and the breeders have the parents' papers and will show them to buyers who ask to see them to be sure it is true that they are registered. They simply don't want people to make more puppies and will be neutering their own dogs to be sure they don't have more either.

Designer dog breeds, while wonderful pets, are not accepted by puppy registries like the American Kennel Club. Many times, people who breed Goldendoodles, Schnoodles, or one of the other deliberate mixed breeds people want decide that they won't worry about finding a registry that does accept these dogs.

Of course, there are bad reasons for not registering dogs, too. Some breeders don't care enough to make the effort. Others have been banned from the organization they used to use to register their puppies. Talk to the breeder and check references before you decide that no paper is no problem.



8/31/2011 3:24:15 PM
Sharon said:

more a question... why does the CKC not recognize the ASCA for aussies. We got caught on this. If the dog is considered purebred and registered by one organization, why not the other.


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