Things to Think About Before Finding Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

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Is there anything I should know before looking at Australian Shepherd puppies for sale?

Things to Think About Before Finding Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Someone told you that Australian Shepherds were great with kids, so you decided to do some research to find out whether there were any Australian Shepherd puppies for sale near you. A search on turned up several local breeders and you're planning to make appointments to see their puppies. Before you pick up the phone, is there anything you should know?

  • Australian Shepherds were bred to be constantly alert and busy as they helped herd animals in potentially dangerous terrain. These high activity dogs are very loyal and smart, but they can get into a lot of trouble if they are bored and under-stimulated. If you just want a dog that is content to sprawl on the ground while you veg out on the weekends, you may be disappointed with this breed. If you want to compete in agility trials, you love to hike, or you have a few extra sheep roaming around in the backyard, you've probably found the ideal dog for you.
  • If taking two steps towards the door and tripping over your dog will drive you nuts, you may want to look for a more self reliant dog breed. Aussies often develop separation anxiety because of their attachment to their people.



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