Puppy Training Classes

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Why do I need puppy training classes?

Puppy Training Classes

Your puppy knows how to sit and come. He knows the basics of heeling. So, why would you want to bother with puppy training classes? There are several great reasons to take classes, even if your puppy has learned the basics.

One of the most important purposes of a puppy training class has nothing to do with obedience commands. These classes help puppies learn important socialization skills. They have to learn to get along with other dogs, they are exposed to strange smells and noises and they get fussed over by a bunch of puppy lovers. Socialization can mean the difference between owning a weird dog that hides under stuff and an outgoing, jolly friend that loves company.

Puppies have to obey commands with all kinds of other dogs and people around. Classes provide an environment chock full of distractions. If your puppy obeys commands during classes, he or she will obey them in the park or while romping in the yard.

Beginning obedience classes could be the start of a lifelong love of learning for your dog. If he or she picks up commands quickly and seems eager to learn, you may just find yourself entering obedience and agility competitions together in the future.



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