How to Choose Safe Puppy Toys

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Are there any tips for choosing safe puppy toys?

How to Choose Safe Puppy Toys

Puppies basically do three things. They eat, they sleep and they play. Most of their play involves chewing, especially when they are teething. This means you will need to choose safe and sturdy puppy toys. You'd think any toys that are sold as dog toys or dog chews would be a good choice. However, there are some toys that are not a good idea. To choose safe puppy toys, you should:

  • Think about what materials make up the toys. Rawhide chews are a bad choice for puppies. Their delicate digestive systems cannot handle the rough rawhide.
  • Consider whether the toys have parts that can be chewed off easily. Puppies will gnaw away until things break if they aren't sturdy enough.
  • Avoid toys with stuffing. Stuffed toys have a tendency to get unstuffed fast when puppies are teething. If you do give your puppy stuffed toys, supervise play. Never leave a stuffed toy with a crated puppy.
  • Look for toys that are made specifically for puppies, such as the Nylabone puppy starter kit bones. These toys are durable and safe for your little chewer to play with. Be sure you choose the right size for your dog. Tiny bones for toy size puppies will not last long in your Great Dane puppy's jaws.



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