Puppy Obedience Training

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What should I know about puppy obedience training?

Puppy Obedience Training

As a new puppy owner, you may be having a hard time imagining a time when you'll have a full grown dog on your hands. However, it does happen eventually. All dogs, whether they are tiny Poodles or giant Great Danes, can benefit from puppy obedience training so that when they do grow up, they are a joy to be around.

You can probably handle teaching your puppy the basics on your own. Come is a very simple command, because your puppy is just dying to come play with you anyway. The trick is to say come every time your puppy sees you and seems about to romp over.

Sit is another command that is easy to teach. Some puppies sit on their own when a treat is held in front of them and moved back. Other puppies need a helping hand to press their backsides into position.

The down command is an extension of the sit. After your dog knows the sit command and will sit without treats, it is time to move on to the down command. Get a treat and hold it in front of your sitting puppy's nose. Slowly slide the treat down to the ground. Your puppy should naturally follow it down. If he or she doesn't lie down completely, slide the treat out a bit until it is in the proper position.

If you do have trouble teaching the basics or if you'd like to continue your puppy's training, there are probably classes for new puppies in your area.



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