The 411 On Puppy Food

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Are there any tips for choosing the right puppy food?

The 411 On Puppy Food

One of the most important things you can do for your new puppy is to provide it with good nutrition. As young puppies grow, they need vitamins and protein to make their bones, muscles and joints strong. Also, human babies can develop learning problems, such as a bad short term memory, from poor nutrition. It is a reasonable assumption that the same could be true for animal babies. To be sure you choose the right puppy food for your dog, you should:

  • Take a close look at the ingredients. Don't just go by the slogans and adjectives on the front of the food bag. If a food claims to be nutritious or healthy and lists corn meal as the first ingredient, look for another food. Meal of any kind as a first ingredient isn't a great thing, but quite a few dogs have corn allergies, so this is one you really want to avoid. (Meal is a fancy way to say scraps no one would give a human to eat.)

  • Look for food that is high in protein. Puppies use a lot of fuel just to grow. On top of that, they are very active. They need that protein to keep them going.



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