Buying a Crate for Your New Puppy

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What should I look for when buying a crate for my new puppy?

Buying a Crate for Your New Puppy

You just finished buying a kennel to ship your puppy and you were planning to use it to crate train your puppy. Then, someone asked if you were buying a crate for your new puppy. You explained your plan and found out that your puppy's kennel is not going to work out as a crate. It will be too hard to clean and is too enclosed for every day use. Now, you need some pointers for buying a new crate.

  • A puppy crate needs to be big enough for the puppy to stand up and turn around, but it should not be a palatial home. You want to encourage the puppy to keep the crate clean. A larger crate makes it easy for the puppy to have a spot for sleeping and a spot for bathroom breaks and he or she doesn't worry about keeping the crate clean.
  • Crates with removable trays are a nice option, since they are easy to clean when accidents do occur.

  • Look for a collapsible crate. This is a nice option for people who travel with their puppy or have limited space and don't want the crate to be set up when the puppy isn't in it.



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