How to Buy a Puppy Online When the Breeder Is Not Nearby

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Is it hard to learn how to buy a puppy online?

How to Buy a Puppy Online When the Breeder Is Not Nearby

Many times, people research puppies online to find a local breeder. However, what do you do if your search of a site like doesn't return local results, but there are some very promising litters on the other side of the country? The answer is simple. You learn how to buy a puppy online. To buy a puppy online, you should:

  • Search for puppies without limiting your search to a specific area. Instead, limit your search to a certain breed. Sites like also offer other search options, such as searching by the size of the dog or by the amount of time and effort involved in maintaining your new dog.
  • Take a close look at the results. You can compare pictures of the puppies available to get an idea of which puppies have an appearance that is closest to the breed standard.
  • Contact several breeders to find out more about their puppies. Ask questions about the breeder's kennel and the parent dogs' dispositions.
  • After you choose your puppy, talk to the breeder about the details of shipping.
  • Pay for your puppy and the shipping fees or talk to the breeder about other options, such as having the puppy shipped C.O.D. Then wait for the big day to finally arrive.



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