Find Puppies Online

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Where can I look to find puppies online?

Find Puppies Online

When you can't find a litter of the breed you want to own locally, a good solution is to go virtual with your hunt. You can find puppies for sale online from even the most obscure dog breeds. There are several options you can use on your search.

If you don't buy your local newspaper, you may want to check out the newspaper classifieds online. Most newspapers offer several weeks or months of classifieds in a conveniently searchable online format. You may just find a litter of the breed you want to buy was advertised several weeks before. The breeder may have a puppy left from that litter or may be expecting a second litter from another dog.

Another way to look for puppies online is to go to and check the breeder referral service. Some breeders list their AKC registered litters on the site. However, litters registered by other organizations are not allowed to be listed and many breeders who do have AKC registered litters do not use this service, which means the selection is limited.

A third option is to look for puppies using a site like This site has many listings for litters of different breeds and is not limited to AKC registered puppies.



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