Transporting Puppies by Ground

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Is transporting puppies by ground a good option?

Transporting Puppies by Ground

Transporting puppies by ground can be a great option if airports are not nearby or if the weather is too hot or too cold for air transport. If you find a breeder through and the breeder can't ship by air, you can still make your dream of pet ownership come true. To have a good experience with shipping puppies by ground, you should:

  • Ask your breeder for a health certificate. Airlines require health certificates and up to date vaccinations. Even if you use a trucking company that doesn't have this requirement, request that your breeder to follow the airlines' lead. Your puppy should get a Bordetella vaccine and should be current on its DHLPP shot schedule. Making sure your puppy is vaccinated properly protects it from germs it could come in contact with along the way.
  • Be sure the shipper has a good reputation and proper equipment. You want to be sure the puppy is safe and comfortable on its trip. Ask for references from previous customers who have shipped pets and check with the Better Business Bureau to be sure there aren't any complaints lodged about the company.
  • Consider paying the higher price of individual transport. While it is cheaper to hire a service that picks up 20 or more pets over an extended route, it is a long and stressful trip for your puppy.



7/6/2011 11:07:57 AM
luvamejava said:

I shipped a puppy by ground. Was told trip was a North West route but found out it went to Texas and South to California and all the way up the coast to Oregon then to Montana. Pup got there 5 days later and was severely dehydrated and stoved up and sore. Never again. Was not told the truth up front so I could decide myself. There were lots of puppies going to pet stores from puppy mills and they didn't really care as long as they got there and got paid.


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