Transporting Puppies by Air

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Are there any tips I should know about transporting puppies by air?

Transporting Puppies by Air

Transporting puppies by air is the most popular method of getting them from the breeder to their new owner when they are not bred locally. Although the list of rules and regulations that are given may seem endless, they have been created to keep your puppy safe during its journey to your home.

  • During hotter or colder weather, most airlines refuse to ship live animals for their safety. You may find that you cannot use airlines to ship your puppy during late Spring, Summer and early Fall months.
  • The breeder is not simply trying to make money on the puppy's kennel by requiring you to buy a specific model for shipping. Any puppy that is shipped will be required to have a secure kennel. This protects the puppy from escaping and gives proper ventilation. The kennel cannot be collapsible and must allow air to circulate from several spots. These regulations are important because of the way cargo holds are packed.
  • You will need to be sure the puppy is picked up in a timely fashion once it arrives. A long delay causes unnecessary stress on the puppy and could result in the puppy being returned to the breeder or a call to the local SPCA.



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