Avoid Problems With Shipping a Puppy

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What can I do to avoid problems when shipping a puppy?

Avoid Problems With Shipping a Puppy

The thought of shipping a puppy can be a bit scary because there is no one sitting back in the cargo area with your new baby during the actual travel time. Amazingly enough, with all the potential problems, few puppies have a problem getting from point A to point B. However, it is a good idea to do all you can to minimize delays, mistakes and accidents. To do your best to be sure your puppy arrives happy and healthy, you should:

  • Ask the breeder to get a Bordetella vaccine for your puppy, even if it is not required. Usually, there is more than one dog being shipped at the same time and they don't all come from the same kennel. This means that there is a very real chance that an unvaccinated puppy could develop this annoying condition. While it is easily curable, who wants to have to put a new puppy through the trauma of a vet visit and daily medication when the whole thing could be prevented by one simple shot?
  • Request that the breeder double check to be sure the puppy is crated securely. Most airlines provide plastic ties to secure the door at all four corners. If it isn't required by the airline your breeder is using, this is still a smart idea, as sometimes a door can be jarred enough to pop open if it is simply latched.
  • Check to be sure food and water dishes are being provided and make sure the breeder attaches a supply of food to the outside of the kennel so the puppy can be fed and watered if the trip is a long one.
  • Ask that your phone number be written directly on the carrier in permanent marker in case the shipping information gets separated from the kennel.



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