How to Ship a Puppy

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Are there any tips on how to ship a puppy?

How to Ship a Puppy

You've been hearing that it is much easier to sell puppies when you offer shipping, since there are so many more potential customers to draw from. You weren't sure if it was the right option for you, but you've received several questions about shipping your puppies from potential buyers that have been checking out your litter on Now, you need to know how to ship a puppy so you can send your little guys to their new, loving homes. While it seems overwhelming at first, you can break the task down into simple steps.

  • First, you'll need to have your veterinarian give the puppy an exam so he or she can issue a health certificate. These certificates are only good for ten days, so don't take your puppies in until you have a commitment from the buyer and know you'll be shipping out within that time frame.
  • Next, you'll need a kennel. These are not the wire crates that puppies are crate trained with. Your local airline should have a list of approved kennels and will tell you what bedding, food and water, you should provide.
  • While you are finding out about kennel requirements, ask about shipping fees and other procedures.
  • Find out if the buyer will be paying shipping costs up front or if he or she will be paying COD.
  • Suggest that the buyer take advantage of insurance through the airline in case something goes wrong. Stress that once the puppy is in the hands of the airline personnel, you are not able to control what happens and are not responsible.
  • Ship your puppy out and follow up with the buyer to be sure it was picked up safely.



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