How Are Puppies Shipped?

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How are puppies shipped?

How Are Puppies Shipped?

Puppies aren't vases or art supplies, so when you contact a breeder and hear that he or she can ship the puppy to you, your first reaction is probably shock. Before you panic, get that picture of cardboard boxes and foam peanuts out of your mind! Shipping puppies is usually quite safe and any airlines or trucking companies that take live animals have procedures in place to be sure they arrive in good health. (If the poor dog gets motion sickness, happiness may not be an option!)

Airlines will ship puppies in the cargo compartment during mild weather. It sounds a bit callous and scary, but is actually fairly safe and comfortable for the puppy, especially if there is no need for a layover or cargo transfer.

If someone is traveling with a small dog, he or she can usually request that the airline allow the pet to be stowed under the passenger's seat in lieu of carry on luggage. This is probably the safest mode of air travel, but may be more expensive, since you will be paying for an airline ticket for the human and an additional fee for the pet.

A trucking company that specializes in transporting pets is another option. The trucks will carry as many as 60 puppies, dropping off and picking up dogs on a very carefully planned route that can cover as much as half of the United States in one long road trip.



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