Puppy Disease Prevention for Lyme Disease

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Is there any way to stop Lyme with puppy disease prevention?

Puppy Disease Prevention for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, named for the town of Lyme, Connecticut, is a particularly nasty tick borne illness that affects people and pets. If your dog will be hiking through the woods with you, romping in the grass, or doing other outdoor activities, you should worry about Lyme disease. Luckily, puppy disease prevention for this nasty illness is actually quite simple. To protect your puppy, you should:

  • Always check for ticks after time spent outdoors. Deer ticks are the culprits that carry Lyme and they are very small, so look closely. Don't forget to examine your dog's ears, muzzle and belly.
  • Use a flea and tick preventative on your puppy as soon as your veterinarian says he or she is old enough. Your vet should recommend a medication that will kill ticks within a few hours of contact. This way, any ticks you overlook will be dead before they are able to infect your puppy, since Lyme disease usually doesn't pass to the victim for 24 hours or more after he or she is bitten.
  • Ask your vet to test for Lyme disease if your puppy seems to have sore joints and a fever. The chance of complete recovery is highest if you catch the disease soon after it develops.



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