Buy Supplies Before Bringing a New Puppy Into Your Home

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What should I do before bringing a new puppy into my home?

Buy Supplies Before Bringing a New Puppy Into Your Home

You finally gave in to all of the pleading and promises to feed and walk a dog and you have agreed to buy a puppy. Congratulations!

Now, you need to make some serious preparations before the big day arrives. Just what do you need to do before bringing a new puppy into your home? Prepare yourself. There is much to be done.

For starters, the tip of the iceberg, you will need to invest in a good, solid puppy crate. Despite the devastated howls your new dog makes when you put him in his crate, he actually wants his own space so that he feels safe and cozy. He also needs a place to stay when you can't supervise him and he needs to have boundaries set for him. "This is your place, puppy."

Leaving puppies out of their crates at night can mean cleaning up a huge mess in the morning and can prove fatal, as these little guys can find inventive ways to reach dangerous things, like electrical cords or chemicals, that seemed to be perfectly secure.

Another thing you will need to consider is whether you will be walking your dog during potty breaks. If so, you will need a harness, leash and pooper scooper or poopy bags. Ideally, you will need a securely fenced area for your puppy to exercise in, but city dwellers do not always have this luxury.

Don't forget food and water bowls, a washable puppy bed, sturdy toys, such as the Nylabone puppy starter kit, and quality puppy food. While you can buy everything else well ahead of time, avoid shopping for puppy food until you find out the brand of food your new dog is already eating. It is a very bad idea to switch food suddenly on a new puppy as it can cause intestinal problems for your new baby.



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